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Steve Hill, Shane Good, Dr. Michael Brown
 Shane's life was radically transformed in early 1996 after he visited the renowned Brownsville Revival that took place in Pensacola, Florida. He encountered Jesus in a very personal way, so that he will forever be affected. As a result, Shane became very involved in ministry: on the revival's prayer team, in street witnessing teams, and by engaging in numerous evangelistic outreaches, stateside. Two and a half years later he graduated with the Pioneer class of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. Immediately after he graduated, Shane began traveling extensively, spreading the good news.

The first ministry trip team.
Shane's first overseas ministry trip began when his dad was invited by the school to lead a team of students on a mission trip to Germany. Shane saw God do so many miraculous things in that first trip. He saw the Lord pour out his presence on hungry people. He saw those in the church who were living a compromised UN-godley life, drawn to a closeness with Jesus that they had never known. Shane saw the physically sick healed and he watched the spiritually dead come to life, as new believers met their Creator for the first time. One of the highlights was seeing so many young people respond to the call of the Lord in a radical life-changing way.

God was actively moving in so many ways on that first trip that other churches began to hear about the visiting team and requested the team to stay longer; so as to share with their congregations. The original trip was scheduled for two weeks but Shane along with his father Sandy Good and a friend extended their stay for an additional three weeks of intensive ministry opportunities, traveling north, south, east and west throughout Germany. The Lord confirmed His word with signs and wonders!

Shane singing "Revival Revolution" at the Brownsville Revival

Local newspapers visited and wrote articles about the supernatural things that God was doing.  Also, Germany's Charisma magazine wrote articles about what was happening. God was moving in powerful ways. After the team returned to the states, still more churches invited them back to Germany again and again, of which Shane was honored to be a part. Each meeting was marked by a genuine presence of the Lord calling the hearts of His people to put aside the world and to know Him more. The ministry spread from Germany to include Italy, the Netherlands, England, France, the US and finally Canada; where Shane met and married his wife, Julie.  Since Shane and Julie's marriage they have had many opportunities to minister side by side in many different venues.  Currently, Shane and Julie travel and minister together.

Those who responded to the Lord in Holland.
After years of music ministry and sharing the full Gospel of Jesus, the mission remains the same. Shane and Julie's desire is to encourage people to a closeness with the Lord Jesus through a personal relationship with Him, resulting in a lifestyle of worship. Their message continues to be one of challenge for God's people to live a life, pure and holy, so that they may experience the Lord in a genuine way, for as the apostle says in Titus 2:11, the grace of God teaches to say, “no” to ungodliness... One of Shane's hallmark scriptures is in I John which says, “whoever claims to live in Him, must walk as Jesus walked.”

Below is a newspaper article that Shane and a couple of his friends were featured in on Oct. 13, 1999 while Shane was attending and involved in the Brownsville Revival and traveling over seas. Click on the pics below to enlarge: