What is Worship?

What is Worship

What is worship? Is it a part of a church service? Is it an amazing song? Is it the 45 minutes of of the service that precedes the sermon? Emphatically NO! It is a lifestyle. It is a daily walk. A daily dying to everything that is fleshly, carnal and wrong that we may feel compelled to do. It is the daily desire to say no to the things that our flesh wants. Worship is living a life that is dead to this world but alive in Jesus. Worship is getting on the cross and not just hanging around it.

Singing songs to our Lord is just one way to express the life of worship that we as Christians should be living. You can't just sing a song and call it worship unless your life and the fruit of your life displays that you are a true follower of Jesus. Any worldly individual can come into a service and sing a song. Just because their lips are moving does not mean that they are worshiping just like walking into a church service does not make you a Christian.

Anyone can sing a song but it takes someone who has encountered the real living Jesus who can truly worship Him. We must ask ourselves why we are not all great song writers when it is us that know the one and true God.

Romans 12:1 says Therefore, I urge you brothers in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – This is your spiritual act of Worship.

Tell me...are you worshiping when you turn on the T.V.? Are you worshiping when your listening to that worldly music? Are you worshiping when you walk into the movie theater? Are you worshiping in the way you talk? Are you an example to others? Can you say like Paul; follow my example as I follow Christ's example? Are you truly a living sacrifice? Are you on the cross with Jesus? Paul said: I am crucified with Christ... He also said that he only wants to know Christ and Him crucified.

1 John 2:6:  "Those who claim to live in Him must walk as Jesus did."

Do you feel challenged? Do you feel grieved? Do you feel convicted? Does sin past or present make you sick? Do you share in the suffering of Jesus? Can you say that you are a pilgrim in this world looking for a kingdom not built with the human hands? Do you feel awkwardly alien in this world? Do you wake with Jesus consuming your thoughts? Do you go to sleep with your thoughts on Him.  Is He your everything?   

Do you feel at home in this world? Do you feel that you are basically good? Is sin just something that happens and you just live with it. Is the only difference between you and a heathen is your church membership card? 

You can call yourself a Christian till you are blue in the face but on that day when you stand in judgment before the righteous judge all the masks will fall off. At that point repentance will not be an option.   It is NOW that God gives us a chance to know Him.  It is NOW the we have the opportunity to turn.  Tomorrow is a word found only on a fools calendar.   Do not let the deceitfulness of sin blind you.  It lures you deeper and deeper until it has a hook like grasp on your soul.  

We must first recognize our need for Him.  Are we willing to look foolish in the sight of others to be desperate for the Lord?  If you are serious with God then He will be serious with us. If you draw near to God He will draw near to you.

Today could be the day!  Turn from sin and make a decision to live a life set apart to Jesus.  Be a light in this dark world.

- Shane Good